Triple Security Mechanism of Kikitrade Protecting Your Account Security

When it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges, everyone pays attention to their security and reliability. Kikitrade understands, and we have implemented many aspects to bring you a safe and easy-to-operate currency trading platform.

Protecting client assets is Kikitrade’s top priority. To provide the most secure and professional service, Kikitrade cooperates with the Swiss cryptocurrency banks SEBA to provide insured custody. Kikitrade organized a team of senior engineers, hedge fund traders, investment bankers, and blockchain experts from Goldman Sachs, UBS, Credit Suisse, Macquarie, Alibaba, MeiTuan, ByteDance, amongst others. The team is proud of the birth of Kikitrade and is committed to growing with all users.

In addition to our team, our App has three primary functions to protect your account.

Google Authentication

After installing Google Authenticator, click “+” to select “Scan Barcode”, and scan the QR code within the Kikitrade App. After registration, you can use the six-digit code as part of your login.

Facial Recognition

Kikitrade supports signing in with the iOS Face ID system. When asked, simply glance at the iPhone or iPad to allow the App to sign in. It will be lighting fast to be using Kikitrade in the future!

Touch ID

In addition to the Face Recognition system, we also added Touch ID for Android users. After registration, Android users can start their fingerprint login by selecting “Safety Related” in the “Profile” page to activate it.

As long as you complete any of the above steps, cryptocurrency trading on Kikitrade will be safer!

Kikitrade is Hong Kong’s first-ever social orientated crypto investment platform to purchase & manage digital assets. With Kikitrade, never trade crypto alone!