Kikitrade Monthly Update: Big PR Moves

1. Interviews of Kikitrade CEO Allen Ng with top YouTubers Crypto Rich & DecentralizedChain

Allen spoke about the bottlenecks of building a blockchain community and how Kikitrade aims to reinvent the crypto experience

2. Original Article: Triple Security Mechanism of Kikitrade Protecting Your Account Security

KikiTrade has implemented many aspects to bring you safe and easy-to-operate currency trading platforms, such as Google Authentication, Facial Recognition, and Touch ID.

3. Community review videos of Kikitrade app arose over Twitter & YouTube

Several videos made by the KikiTrade community members popped up on Twitter & YouTube, including an English and Bisaya review.

4. Kikitradd Weibo official live

Weibo fans exceeded 10k, the number of blog posts exceeded 100, more than 10 videos were posted, and the cumulative reading volume exceeded 5k

5. The famous contract quantitative team in mainland China: Ance Capital officially enters Kikitrade

Ance Capital is a well-known crypto investment institution in mainland China, with contract assets exceeding one million US dollars.

6. The JINSE Finance live broadcast channel is completed

JINSE Finance is the top 2 financial media in mainland China. JINSE Finance’s live broadcast channel can synchronize KIKI’s various overseas activities in the future, conduct live broadcast or broadcast of pictures and texts, and accumulate content

7. Kikitrade V2.3.0 Highlight:

  • Launch $1 Deposit Get FREE XRP Event
  • Launch Christmas Gift Card Event
  • Performance Optimisation

That’s a wrap for the past week. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Download our app now!


1. KikiTrade首席執行官Allen Ng與頂級YouTubers Crypto RichDecentralizedChain的訪談


2. KikiTrade源文:保護您帳戶安全的三重安全機制

KikiTrade實施了許多方面來為您帶來安全且易於操作的貨幣交易平台,例如Google身份驗證,面部識別和Touch ID

3. 在Twitter和YouTube上出現了由KikiTrade社區成員製作的一些視頻


4. 微博正式上線


5. 内地著名的合約量化團隊:安策資本正式進駐Kikitrade


6. 金色財經直播渠道搭建完成


7. V2.3.0 重点

  • 推出早入早享受,入$1即送XRP幣活動
  • 推出聖誕禮品卡活動
  • 優化整體產品, 體驗更流暢,使用更方便

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